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  • Mad Cool Gallery: Photo
    Mad Cool Gallery: Photo
    On the occasion of its second edition and with the intention of fomenting and supporting the emergent talent Mad Cool Festival summons "Mad Cool Gallery" award of painting and photography.

    Check contest conditions and prizes on legal bases **

    Photography contest

    1. Any adult (over 18) photographer can sign up to Mad Cool Gallery competition

    2. If you are under 18 you can sign up if your parents or legal advisor sign the authorization (attached in the legal terms) where they agree and give their consent of your participation according to everything specified in the legal terms.

    3. The theme and technique used is free. Collages wont be accepted.

    4. Each author may participate with a maximum of 3 works that may be independent works or form part of the same series. In any case, no participant can be awarded for more than one work in this edition. These works can not have been awarded in any other contest. The works will be delivered signed on the back, where the name and surname of the artist will be legible, as well as the title of the same.

    5. Photographies must be completed and ready to be submitted physically at the time of submitting the contest application

    6.Photographies shall not measure less than 100 x 81 centimeters or more than 120 x 120 centimeters.

    7. In the case of the works required for their physical presentation, they must also be framed with a ribbon whose width should not exceed 5 centimeters when viewed from the front. Works protected by glass will not be accepted, although those protected with methacrylate or similar material will be admitted.

    8. Participants should register through or through the Mad Cool gallery application within Mad cool Facebook ( On the web and Facebook you will find a form to fill out, and you should attach (at the time of registration) up to a maximum of five photographs of each work that is submitted (maximum three works) in addition to the referred documentation.

    9. The deadline to participate in Mad Cool Gallery photography prize begins on March 21, 2017 at 12 noon (gtm + 1) and ends on April 17, 2017 at 23:59 (gtm + 1). No registration will be accepted outside this period.

    10. From April 17 to April 24 (both inclusive) of 2017 the Jury will choose from among all the candidates 30 artists who will be part of Mad Cool Gallery. The list of the 30 selected artists will be published on the web and social networks of Mad Cool and will be personally notified to the interested parties on Monday, April 24 throughout the day.

    11. The organization of Mad Cool Gallery photography prize will contact the 30 artists shortlisted to receive the original works prior to June 30, 2017.

    12. Mad Cool Gallery will not assume the cost of insurance

    13. Mad Cool Gallery will cover the transport costs of the work from its point of origin to the site and its return to that point.

    14. Selected works must be properly packed. The packaging must be rigid (allowing easy opening and closing)so that it can be reused for its transfer to the exhibition during the days of the festival and for it´s later collection by the artists after the event.

    15. Mad Cool Gallery allows you to present a maximum of three works per each participant. For this purpose, participants must complete the registration form that appears on the web or Facebook app accompanied by the following documentation:
    - Up to a maximum of five photographs of each work registered in JPG format and with a maximum weight of 3 megabytes per image.
    - Brief description of the work (s) presented. Maximum 1,200 characters spaces included (optional)
    - Curriculum Vitae that includes the professional career of the artist in PDF format.
    - Title of the work (s) it presents
    - Measurements of the works presented (high x width).
    - Dossier that includes the works of the last years in PDF format.
    - In the case of underage participants signed authorization of the parent or legal guardian in PDF format must be included.
    Attachments in PDF format can not exceed 3 megabytes of weight per document.

    16. On April 24th, the jury will decide the winners and finalists of Mad Cool Gallery photo awards. A maximum of 30 works will be selected for physical reception. These works will be part of the final exhibition to be held in Madrid during the festival. Of the 30 pre-selected works, the jury will choose three winners. These, along with the remaining 27 finalists will be published on the website and social networks of Mad Cool on April 24.
    The decision of the jury will be final.

    17. The second edition of Mad Cool Gallery photography prize consists of the following awards for the winners of each category:
    1st prize 500 € + 1 Mad Cool ticket 1 P10 Huawei
    2nd prize 300 € + 1 Mad Cool ticket 1 P10 Huawei
    3rd prize Mad Cool Kit (includes a festival subscription + merchandising items) 1 P10 Huawei

    None of the above prizes can be divided. If so, they can be declared deserted in case the jury considers it necessary.

    18. The winning entries in each of the categories of the second edition of Mad Cool Gallery photography prize will be owned by the organizing entity.
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