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Win a weekend away at The Great Fountain Hotel Spa [DEMO]
Win a weekend away at The Great Fountain Hotel Spa [DEMO]
This is a DEMO of the multi-language feature. To switch language, simply click on the language you want to see the promotion in, in the bottom right corner. No prize will be raffled in this promotion.

Enter to win a weekend away at the luxurious Fountain Hotel Spa. Whether you have already enjoyed a stay at our hotel, relaxed in our beautiful spa or visited the adjacent, world-renown Patapiña national park, enter our photo contest for the chance to win a free weekend stay, including a 50 minute massage for two.

How can I enter?
Fill in the entry form and submit a photo related with the hotel, its facilities or the natural surroundings. Share the picture with your friends to obtain votes to win.

How does a multi-language promotion work?
When creating the promotion, the administrator will have the option to select a default language and add more languages. All texts and images can be translated and added for each language.

  • The contest will automatically be displayed to participants in the language they have configured in their browser settings.

  • If the promotion has not been adapted to the participants browser language by the administrator, the promotion will be displayed in the default language.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our customer service department using the following form.