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📷  1st Comansa Tower Crane Photography Contest  📷
📷 1st Comansa Tower Crane Photography Contest 📷
As a tribute to all those who work day in day out to turn construction projects into reality across the world, we've organised a Comansa tower crane photography contest.

How to take part:

📷 All you need to do is click on Participate, fill in the form and upload a photo you've taken that's related to the contest's theme (Comansa's tower cranes in action) along with a description (crane model, type of project, city, etc.). You can have up to three entries.

📷 If you prefer, you can get involved from your public profile on Twitter or Instagram by mentioning @comansacranes and using the hashtag #ComansaPhotoContest when you publish your photo(s).


🎁 You can win a fantastic Comansa merchandising kit including: Comansa model crane, bag, T-shirt, buff, thermos flask, mug, bottle, hat, mouse, notepad and pen. 🎁

What's more, we have two prizes. More chance of winning!

• 🏆 Jury Prize: for the author of the best photo chosen by members of Comansa.

• 🏆 Public Prize: for the author of the photo with the most votes.


📷 Send us your photo before 9 December and share your entry to win more votes!.

👏🏼You have until 17 December to win votes.

🎁 We'll announce the two winning photographs during the week starting 20 December.