Terms and conditions

Yamaha E-Band Competition 2016
Terms and Conditions

Please note: Only the English version of these terms and conditions is legally binding. Translations can only be considered as supporting content.

The Yamaha E-Band Competition is a debut event by Yamaha Music Gulf FZE, Office JAFZA 16-512, P.O.Box 17328, Jebel Ali - Dubai, UAE (“YMGF”). The winning band, One (1) band, will represent YMGF and compete at the Asian Beat 2016 band competition grand finals (“AB2016”) on 05-November-2016 in Tokyo, Japan which is organized by Yamaha Corporation Japan (“YCJ”).

ARTICLE 1: YMGF is inviting all amateur bands from the following countries:- Angola, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Cote D’ ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Georgia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, Moldova, Mozambique, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Republic of South Africa, Reunion Island, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Seychelles, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Zambia

NOTE: Employees of YMGF and its official Yamaha distributors and its dealers are not eligible to join including relatives of up to the 2nd degree.

ARTICLE 2: Participants will be asked to register their band and submit a recorded video of their live performance (limited to 6 minutes). These videos will be published for public viewing and the winning videos will be inserted and used in the advertising campaign of Yamaha websites.

ARTICLE 3: Band Registration will be done on the following:

  1. YMGF Website: ae.yamaha.com

  2. YMGF Facebook Account: www.facebook.com/YamahaMusicGulf.YMGF

  3. The registration opens on 03-July-2016 and closing date on 31-August-2016, 12.00 pm Gulf Standard Time.

  4. The participant must upload the video in accordance with the instructions on the registration page on the website.

  5. YMGF accepts registration via “Easypromos Video Contest App.” Registration and videos will not be accepted by e-mail, post or other means.
    - Easypromos Video Contest App” provided by Easypromos, for more information visit: www.easypromosapp.com

  6. YMGF will delete all of the participants’ information such as name, email address, home address, phone number collected from the Registration Form, after finishing the Yamaha E-band Competition 2016 event. YMGF assures that they will not be used for any future promotional activities.

ARTICLE 4: Band Members Qualification:

  1. All band members must be amateurs: every member of the band should not have any contract with a record company during the period of the competitions (Yamaha E-Band Competition and AB2016).

  2. Participating bands should consist of 1 to 6 persons.

  3. Any music category is acceptable except Classical Music.

  4. Band members should be the same throughout the events. In case of changing members, the right to participate in AB2016 will not be given.

  5. Each person can participate in One (1) band only.

  6. All band members joining can be citizens or residents of countries listed in ARTICLE 1 with proof of identity. There is no limitation on gender, profession and nationality. All ages can join with minimum age requirement of 15 years of old. (Minor ages should provide parental/guardian consent to participate in this competition).

  7. Finalist members of the previous Band Alert [ex-Asian Beat] or Asian Beat competitions are not allowed to participate in AB2016.

ARTICLE 5: Song and Video Usage Rights

  1. Only One (1) original song to use and video of live performance can be uploaded or share URL from You Tube, Vimeo.

  2. Performance time should not exceed 6 minutes.

  3. The participants guarantee that the video submitted is their original work.

  4. The participants guarantee that the video will not contain any other copyright material owned by a third party (personal rights, copyright violations, and trademark) and that any person displayed in the video has given their consent to the publication.

  5. Videos and song should not be offensive and discriminatory, either in words or actions, to any person or group (regardless of sex, race, religion or others)

  6. YMGF and YCJ reserve the right to reject any videos before and after publishing.

  7. A song performed for E-Band Competition (video) and AB2016 (actual performance) must be the same.

  8. The participant shall be liable for any damage or loss claimed by third parties for the submitted video.

ARTICLE 6: Musical Instruments and Equipment

  1. No restrictions for the usage of non-Yamaha musical instruments and pro-audio equipment at E-Band competition.

  2. At AB2016, participants are required to play only Yamaha products. It is highly recommended to switch instruments/equipment to Yamaha after the E-Band Competition.

  3. All kinds of musical instruments such as music sequencer, sampler, local traditional instruments, DJ gears, etc. are allowed to use.

  4. At AB2016, non-Yamaha products can be used only in some particular categories that Yamaha does not offer any product at all.
    - For example, percussions, cymbals, local traditional instruments, and turntable.

ARTICLE 7: Copyright

  1. The participants grant YMGF and YCJ the right to use their uploaded video performances for advertising and promotional purposes of any kind, regardless of modification.

ARTICLE 8: Judging Mechanism

  1. Only One (1) band, Grand Winner, will be chosen among all video entries from 03-July-2016 to 31-August-2016.

  2. Criteria for Judging
    -Originality and quality of arrangements
    -Overall sound and control
    -Technical proficiency of individual instruments
    -Marketability and “X” factor of the band

  3. Grand Winner will be chosen by panel of Judges
    1. Katsunori Ujiie (Keyboardist)
    2. Zak Bond (Drummer)

  4. Grand Winner will be announced on 15-September-2016 at
    -YMGF Websiteae.yamaha.com
    -YMGF Facebook Accountwww.facebook.com/YamahaMusicGulf.YMGF
    -Winning band will be notified by email.

  5. Grand Winner will be given a chance to compete at Asian Beat 2016 band competition grand finals in Tokyo, Japan on 05-November-2016.
    -All expense paid trip to Japan (airfare, visa and accommodation) will be covered by YMGF.

  6. Individual prizes shall be granted as well from among all video entries based on decision by panel of judges:
    Best GuitaristYamaha RS620 Revstar Electric Guitar
    Best BassistYamaha TRBX505 Bass Guitar
    Best KeyboardistYamaha MX61 Synthesizer
    Best DrummerYamaha DTX450K Electronic Drums
    Best VocalistYamaha MG10XU Mixer and MSP3 Studio Monitors

ARTICLE 9: Cancellation Procedure

Should the band decides to cancel their registration and no longer want to participate, the band should contact YMGF with their registration email address via - Inquiry

ARTICLE 10: By registration and submission of video, all eligible band entrants agree to abide the Terms and Conditions and general rules that govern this competition.